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Nature and Needs Courses

  • NN1001: An Introduction to the Nature and Needs of the Gifted(Summer)

    This introductory course explores the social and emotional natures of gifted learners. How do their cognitive abilities manifest in other others of their lives as well, and what are the implications for educators? Educators will be able to interpret connections between cognitive traits and the natures of gifted students in a way that will enable more effective support and intervention.

  • NN1002: An Introduction to the Brain (Summer)

    This beginner course introduces educators to some key features and structures of the brain important in learning. What is important for teachers to actually know that impacts student learning and behavior? This course will dispel the most common myths about the brain, and give teachers a basis of knowledge for learning more about the importance of the brain in instruction and implementation.

  • NN1003: Emotional Intelligence (Summer)

    This beginning course introduces the idea of emotional intelligence, particularly its importance to gifted learners. Why is emotional intelligence and what skills make it up? Educators will gain insight into their students’ emotional intelligence, as well as identify and intervene in areas that need development and growth.