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Differentiation Courses

  • DIFF1001S: Introduction to Differentiation (Summer)

    This course introduces educators to the fundamental principles underlying differentiation. Why is differentiation necessary, and what are the things teachers need to know before actually implementing it in classrooms? Educators will be able to explain the rationale of differentiation and create lesson plans in the optimal order for planning.

  • DIFF1002: Differentiating the Environment(Summer)

    This beginning course explores ideas for differentiating the environment. What kinds of things can educators do to differentiate the environment for interest, ability, or even culture? Educators will be able to explain the difference between “mirror” and “window” materials, and create classrooms that are designed to meet the needs of learners.

  • DIFF1003: Small Group Instruction(Summer)

    Having students work in small groups is a key skill in a differentiation practice, yet it poses a challenge for many educators. This course will share best practices in grouping that will create a classroom dynamic in which students work effectively in groups. Note: This course does not require access to students.