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Creativity, Curiosity and Critical Thinking Courses

  • CCC1001: Thinking in Different Styles

    How can we help students to be open to creative thinking at certain times while also promoting critical thinking at other times? Educators completing this course will learn to better facilitate group work and equip students with tools to better organize themselves using Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.

  • CCC1003: Torrance Traits of Creativity

    This introductory course explores the four Torrance traits of creativity with an eye towards their application in the classroom. What are the traits? What do they look like in real classrooms? Can creativity be assessed? Educators completing this course will be able to infuse their classrooms with appropriate, effective creative techniques and assess student creativity fairly.

  • CCC1004 Universal Themes

    How can we plan lessons that cross content areas, connecting otherwise isolated topics? In this course, you’ll discover Universal Themes, highly-abstract, one-word topics that naturally connect any content. You’ll learn how to introduce a theme, plan lessons around them, and create differentiated student tasks that highlight these abstract concepts.

  • CCC1101: Concept Attainment

    How can we promote critical thinking through our teaching? In this course, teachers will learn to use Jerome Bruner’s Concept Attainment model of instruction to develop highly engaging lessons across all content areas.